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Monday, December 05, 2005

Crossover rec lives!
I like to print out fanfiction, heaps of it, mountains of it! I always used to be proud of my mom's laserprinter. There was just one setback though... It was my mom's. I've moved out since a couple of months and had a nice pretty computer but no printer. I'd cry myself to sleep every night alternatly playing World of Warcraft to ease the pain. Then the sun suddenly started shining once more! I convinced the forementioned mom to buy me a cheap laserprinter. Sleepless fanfiction filled nights, here I come!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

You're in for a ride

Twist of Fate by Lisette is a engaging piece of writing. This complete story crosses Buffy the vampire slayer with Pretender. I read this one while I was still reading Equinoxium and I just couldn't stop. It makes one get used to high level storytelling. Story: "Brought to Sunnydale to help solve the mystery of the graduation day bombing of Sunnydale High, Jarod and the Scoobies are quickly entwined in a race to save the Chosen One." A nice long read, just when you think life is easy, never anger a battered slayer! 9 out 10.

Friday, December 31, 2004


Papers, Predictions, and Prophecies by Jayne Leitch Was one of the first crossovers I ever read. It crosses Early Edition with Buffy the vampire Slayer. It is completed. The story may be a bit dated (in internet terms) but it has a cleverness about it that I know I enjoyed. The interaction between the characters is esspecially fun to read. I'm biased because it has been a long time since I read this one. So why don't you read it and judge it yourself. ;) Story: "When the cat delivers the "Sunnydale Press" to Gary's door, it looks like he's in for the vacation of his dreams. Well, maybe the vacation of his nightmares..." something high out 10 Must read it again!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Unusual equals fun

A Spider in the gate - by Lady Russell Holmes This fic, though unfortunately unfinished, crosses Spider-man with Stargate sg-1. It has a great sense of action, and also has that mystery I-want-to-know-what's-going-on feeling. Story: During one of his webswinging routes Spider-man gets a bit more then he bargained for as he meets a very strange hostage. 7.5 out 10. Hard to say because it is unfinished.

Equinoxium - by Lisette If you haven't read this fic yet, you should start now. It crosses Buffy the vampire slayer with Lord of the rings Though it is as of today a work in progress, it is rapidly drawing to a close. This has everything you'd want in a fic, intriguing storytelling, a great plot (with some surprises) and wonderful character exploration.
Story: "For the Powers That Be, the Balance is the Key and the Slayer is their tool. As such, they will do anything to restore the Balance on one world and retain it on another - no matter the cost". 10 out 10
Not sure how this can get any better.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


As I was once more wading through hundreds of fanfiction at a renowned (some say notorious) fanfiction archive. It struck it me (like a fifty pound weight) for the umpteenth time how hard it is to find good fanfics. I know I'm not the only one with this problem and there are many more recommendation sites out there. Just see this one as another contribution to the masses . Who knows, maybe the future will bring us fanfiction recommendation recommendation sites. I hope it never comes to that. I for one have seen a lack of them in the crossover area.

What will you find here? Well, my interests lie in many fandoms, but most of all I enjoy crossovers of fantasy and science fictions shows. Like Stargate sg-1 or Buffy the vampire slayer.
Actually anything that interests me even in the slightest.